Industrial Adhesives Coolants & Coatings

Heavy Duty Trim Adhesive

Heavy Duty Trim Adhesive


12 oz. Aerosol

A fast drying, high strength adhesive that provides a strong bond to most substrates and is heat, moisture and water resistant. Unique 3-way adjustable spray nozzle. Will bond carpets, urethane foam insulation, vinyl tops, kick pads, upholstery, headliners, etc. Will not attack foam. Heat resistant, For use on leather, cork, wood, vinyl, paper, metal, cardboard, plastic, film, rubber, glass, cloth, foil and foam.

Tool Coolant

Tool Coolant


18 oz. Aerosol

Potent solvent attacks grease, oil, dirt and grime. High powered jet action flushes hard to reach places. Dries fast. Leaves no residue. Non-flammable, non-conductive spray that stops brake squealing. Safe to use on metals and fabrics. Instantly degreases and leaves no residue on brake linings, drums, springs, cylinders, disc brake pads, CV joints, etc.

Cutting & Tapping Compound

Cutting & Tapping Compound


14 oz. Aerosol

Combines synthetic and natural lubricants for maximum high pressure lubrication which will increase the cutting rate without overheating. The foaming oil clings to all cutting tools to prevent waste and overspraying. Use on all cutting, punching, sawing, tapping, grinding, boring and machining tools to increase the cutting rate without overheating.

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